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Digital Evidence Management Platform

Plateforme de gestion de la preuve numérique

Features of Digital Evidence Management Platform

  • Support multiple cameras charging &upload

  • Support server backup

  • Recording File searching and playback local and in cloud
    Support different levels of users management

  • Unlimited department level

  • Remote firmware upgrade

  • Generates all kinds of reports, and export the logs

  • View the cameras, dock stations on line status in live

  • Remote evidence files  management, the user can lock or remove the files  remotely Assign cameras to users  from client software

  • Support to install server software in local or cloud

Part I: Local evidence management platform

Digital Evidence Management Platform1

Charging  and uploading

Digital Evidence Management Platform2

Storage Management

DSMS offers various methods to free up storage in the event the storage space on the docking station is full. Examples include purging the oldest file, setting an expiration date of files, etc.

Storage management allows files to be stored safely without compromising on the storage space available.

Digital Evidence Management Platform3

Different  levels user rights

Digital Evidence Management Platform4

Provide the reports of the cameras

Collation of file information can be found in the system, and the information can be organized and filtered according to specified conditions (e.g. Date uploaded, Officer ID).

Digital Evidence Management Platform5

System Audit Features, export the logs

The system records all activities that are performed by users in the DSMS, ranging from file review and downloading of files to changing security settings in the system. The log can then be filtered

according to date and activity to locate any suspicious activities.

Digital Evidence Management Platform6

Basic Security Features

Users require a password to navigate, enter and exit the DSMS. In addition, user’s permissions are controlled by the administrator or other super users given the permission to make security changes

(i. e. adding and modifying user information and permissions).

Part2  Cloud Docking Station Management Server (Online DSMS)

Digital Evidence Management Platform7

Where as the built-in DSMS only allows for file management on a single

docking station, the online DSMS serves as a monitoring host to view data collected from all the docking stations by retrieving

data from the server.

In addition to the functions of the inbuilt DSMS, the online monitoring host features additional functions for file management and docking station management.

Additional File Management Features

In addition to file review, users can choose to protect files from

deletion, as well as downloading into the computers ‘s local drive.

Remote cameras managements

Docking Station Management

Management features include setting the time for uploading (done

once a day), viewing available  space in each docking station, connection status of docking stations

Digital Evidence Management Platform8

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3F, Sixth Plant, Tangzhong Industrial Park, Hengnan Road, Gushu, Xixiang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China
+86 0755-82593248